Tuesday, June 24, 2014

hosting provider.

I noticed that off late you have changed your hosting provider. I received your information from who is and website, wanted to express the desire of guiding you to a better provider for your online solutions.

The company which I would like to recommend is in the business of hosting, designing, vps and SEO for close a decade and operate with different brand names. I would like to bring few important points to your notice,

One *Free domain registration with all the packages.

Shared Hosting package:

Unlimited Domain Hosting, Unlimited Web space & bandwidth with at $5 Average per year (Rs 5000 for 15 years)

Reseller Packages:

1. Reseller package at $29 per year (Rs 9000 for 5 years)

2. 100 GB webspace Reseller package at Rs 15000 for 15 years.


1. 25gb hard disc, 1 gb ram, 1Tb Bandwidth Free website panel at just Rs 10000 per year

2. 50gb hard disc, 2 gb ram, 2Tb Bandwidth Free website panel at just Rs 15000 per year


Wordpress designing with 1 admin login will cost just Rs 12000

Ecommerce designing at just Rs 20000

Others services:

100,000 Search Engines Submission $83
50,000 Social Media Submission $83

I am an affiliate of 17 different hosting providers from more than 5 years, where I found this company is providing the best package with good price so thought to share with you. For more details about the service you can contact the service provider at 9164934845or 7411000381

Please use the Affiliate id BLMN 598 during your package purchase for me to earn my 20% commission once the order is placed.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

email newsletter

Hi ,

I have been trying to reach you over e-mails over the last few weeks but did not hear back from you. Perhaps you have been busy.

This is my last attempt at reaching out to you. Hopefully this mail gets through.

I don’t wish to bother you with too many e-mails but I am looking to understand if you would be interested in lead generation, branding and online marketing services. Do let me know a good date and time to connect on GoToMeeting or phone if you are looking for any of the services. I will quickly take you through a presentation which will give you a brief idea about our services. Do visit our website @ www.ileadfarmers.com.

I will look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Best Wishes,
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SEO newsletter


My name is Nick Grey, and I am a professional social media manager.
I have something to offer that might interest you.
In today's world, interaction between companies and their potential and existing customers is carried out through social media.
I offer what follows: What I suggest is to raise the ranking of your website   on the most popular social networks by placing more than 700 likes using Facebook accounts.
The high rating will help increase the credibility of your website and of the services which you offer.
These indicators (Facebook Likes)  will be visible on your website. If you have not installed Facebook Like count button on your website - I can help you install it!
After my work is finished, the Facebook Share Count Button will confirm a high ranking of your site, which will be noticed and appreciated by your visitors, and they will also be able to recommend your site to their friends on these social network.
For this offer, you won't even need a Facebook account.

The cost of the service is only - $ 49. I work without pre-payment. Payment is carried out after all the work is done.
You pay only once and all Facebook Likes are placed permanently.
Please let me know if you are interested.
If this does not interest you, I'm sorry to have bothered you! Have a good day!


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